Jan 02, 2019 MikroTik Conditional DNS Forwarding (with online code Simply insert your MikroTik LAN IP address, the IP of your remote DNS server, and the domain suffix for which you want the DNS queries forwarded in the appropriate fields. Hit the generate button, and then then simply copy the generated instructions and paste them in a telnet session to your MikroTik. The Miktorik IP (LAN) The DNS Server IP MikroTik and internal DNS server - MikroTik Dec 01, 2019 DNS Filtering using MikroTik, Pi-hole, and OpenDNS – RFC

DHCP Server configuration in MikroTik Router - System Zone

Mikrotik | How to Solve Blocked DNS Port (53) Under My DNS flow goes like this: Client (DNS=>(IP= Mikrotik (DNS=>internet. After some trial and error, i found what the problem is. Mikrotik's hotspot dynamically created a NAT rules which redirect DNS port TCP 53 and UDP 53 in order for the captive portal to work. Here's a solution which works for my case. Understanding regex on Mikrotik RouterOS - Mikrotik Tips image from www.cs.iit.edu. regex on Mikrotik RouterOS. Regex means regular expression.Is a feature / function to create pattern matcher. because of that capability regex is mostly used on Firewall, routing filter, and anything that is related to pattern matching.

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