Step-by-Step Tutorial: Configure Master Slave DNS Server

Testing the DNS server with dig & nslookup. To test out our BIND 9 DNS server, we will use another Ubuntu machine & will change its DNS to point out our DNS server. To change the DNS server, open ‘/etc/resol.conf‘ & make the following DNS entry, [email protected]:~$ sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf search linuxtechi.local nameserver How do I configure my static DNS in interfaces? - Ask Ubuntu For some reason the dns-nameservers statement does nothing in my case. And the other answers are not by the book, as they bypass dnsmasq as it is utilized in Ubuntu. To do this right, edit /etc/dnsmasq.conf. Add your nameservers to the bottom of the file: server= server= Restart dnsmasq to use the new settings: sudo service How To Configure DNS Server On Ubuntu 18.04 - ITzGeek

The list of configured nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf only contains the IdM server itself when configuration is finished. If the local named service ever crashes, then the IdM server is unable to run and DNS services for the entire domain are no longer available.

[root@masterdns.quickfixlinux.local ~] # yum install bind\* -y. As I have configured yum repo, I am … How to set DNS nameservers in Ubuntu Server 18.04 Jun 21, 2018

May 05, 2020

How to set DNS nameservers in Ubuntu Server 18.04 Jun 21, 2018 How to configure Dnsmasq caching DNS server in Linux