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Jul 25, 2011 · Setup Second Wireless Router. The first thing you’ll need is another wireless router. The reason why this tutorial will use two separate subnets is because it’s easier to configure the second router and you can buy any wireless router rather than having to find a specific router that will act as a wireless bridge or as a wireless repeater. Connect via Wireless Router. This printer cannot be used over Wi-Fi and via wired LAN connection (Ethernet cable) at the same time. Check that the device is connected to a wireless router. For how to check the settings, see the manual supplied with the wireless router, or contact its manufacturer. Sep 19, 2019 · It’s possible to connect to your wireless router and still have no internet connection. This happens when there’s an issue with the router’s connection to your ISP, so it’ll work on the network but won’t have a valid public IP address as it can’t reach the internet. Consequently, you can’t send or request data over the internet. By connecting a second router to the coax you would essentially have two routers connected to the ONT. The ONT can only have 1 connected directly to it. But what you can do is use MOCA bridge to the coax so that it gives you an coax to Ethernet connection, but still only have one router connected to the ONT.

Ok, this is what i did to make it work. Although I am connecting thru a DSL and not a cable modem, what i did was: Step 1) unplug pc1 from wired router to plug pc 1 to wireless router port 1

Log into your router and change its IP address to one which is in the same range as your that of your hub. The hub's IP address is and the default DHCP range is, so change the fourth octet (the number in the fourth box) to a different value such as 192.168.0. 2 (which must be outside the DHCP range). How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Range with Another Router

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