Next to Micro VPN, click Configure Micro VPN. Enter a name for the micro VPN service and the external URL for your Citrix Gateway and then click Next. This script configures Citrix Gateway to support Azure AD and the Intune apps. Click Download Script. The .zip file includes a readme with instructions for implementing the script.

XenMobile is a mobile device management solution provided by Citrix Systems, Inc. and makes up part of the Xen product suite. Secure XenApp and XenDesktop, Embrace the Flexibility 4. Per-application Micro-VPN support and encryption for mobile apps 5. Built-in monitors for StoreFront and XML brokers 6. Easy configuration for XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile 7. Single-URL remote access 8. Integrated global server load balancing 9. Flexible multi-factor authentication 10. Framehawk support for the best mobile user experience 1. Top 10 Features of XenMobile - Whitehat Virtual Jul 02, 2013 Public Apps from Apple app store and MicroVPN / MDX May 27, 2014

Micro VPN functionality does not require a device-wide VPN, which can compromise security on untrusted mobile devices. As a result, the internal network is not exposed to malware or attacks that could infect the entire corporate system. Corporate mobile apps and personal mobile apps are able to coexist on one device.

XenMobile is a comprehensive solution to manage mobile apps, data and devices, available both on-premises and in the cloud. Users have single-click access to all of their apps from a unified corporate app store and IT can easily configure, secure and support mobile devices.

Setup Citrix NetScaler Gateway for Citrix XenMobile Server

Jan 18, 2017