The default settings for iTunes automatically detect any iPhone connected to your system so that iTunes syncs the device automatically. This is performed via a service that runs in the background to

Apr 09, 2012 · I did the latest iTunes update last friday, and now more than half of my music isn't showing up in iTunes- the files are all still there in the iTunes music folder but not in the browsing directory. Says my total library size is 14.41 GB but I have over 55 GB in my iTunes music folder. 4. Just restart your PC to see if iPhone can be recognized by iTunes next time you boot up.. If your iPhone, iPad, and iPod can be recognized in another USB port, it means the previous USB port is just not suitable, and you can connect the iPhone to PC via the right USB port. Nov 03, 2018 · How-To: iTunes Doesn't Recognize iPhone/iPod On Windows 10 - Duration: 4:19. According to Andy 115,512 views. 4:19. Fix for iTunes Doesn't Detect or Recognizing iPhone iPad iPod! i had similar issue. for me itunes wont open properly (very slow) and once its open it wont detect my iphone 6. i tried everything i even reinstalled the itunes.but not luck, luckily i disabled my antivirus (antiransomware) and walla it connected my iphone right away. so yes just look for 3rd party application, make sure they are not causing any issue, Jul 25, 2019 · 3. When your device entered recovery mode, run iTunes and follow iTunes' prompt to restore your device to factory settings. Well, as we've explained that iPhone app not appearing in iTunes can either caused by iTunes issues or iPhone problems. I hope the above methods we have gathered can help you fix iPhone apps not showing in iTunes successfully. Jun 26, 2015 · My iTunes is installed and up to date but my iPhone is still not recognized . Even if iTunes is installed and up to date, there may still be trouble with the iOS drivers on the PC. In this case, we recommend the following. Fully uninstall iTunes and all its components by following this tutorial

Step 1: On your computer right-click My computer, tap on Properties and click on Device manager. Step 2: Right-click on Apple mobile device USB driver. Step 3: Then click on Update driver software. Step 4: Restart your PC, connect your iPhone to your computer then open iTunes to see if your iPhone is recognized. 6. Reinstall Apple's Windows Drivers

Dec 15, 2019 · If you see your phone displayed, but iTunes won’t connect to the iPhone, you likely have a software issue. Try updating macOS or uninstalling third-party security software like antivirus and anti-malware apps. On the other hand, if your iPhone isn’t displayed in the USB section of the menu, it may be a hardware issue. Mar 01, 2017 · At this point, with iCloud sync, it is less and less common for people to connect their iPhone or iPad to iTunes. There are, however, still people that use this method as their only means of syncing their music. So, when iTunes doesn't recognize your iPhone or iPad, it's a really big problem. Luckily, we've got the solution. Before you start Nov 20, 2012 · Use these steps if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod doesn’t appear under Devices in iTunes after you connect it to your Windows PC. When trying these steps, don’t manually place the device into recovery mode. You also might have seen one of these messages: The device can’t be restored in iTunes. May 17, 2018 · After the update, iTunes cannot see my iPhone. I get the trust prompt when plugging in and can see the phone via Windows Explorer. This is most certainly related to the update, but I don’t know what the options are at this point. i’m just doing this to transfer my stuff off of it so it can retire.

The most common problem comes that iTunes not recognizing iPhone, e.g. iTunes won't detect iPhone iPad or iPod, computer recognizes iPhone but iTunes fails to respond, iOS device not connecting with iTunes owing to invalid response, iTunes doesn't show any iPhone content, etc. If iTunes doesn't recognize your iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max)/XS/XS Max/XR

Click on Edit > Preferences > Device tab to see if the backups show in the list; Repeat 2 and 3 until you get an empty list - you've found the bad backup folder (or at least a backup that the newer iTunes can't understand) Delete or move that bad backup; In my case, it was an old iPad 1 iOS5 backup that was causing the problem. Sep 11, 2019 · My iPhone 7plus connected to iTunes with the USB ‘A’ to Lightning cord without a problem. But My iPhone 11pro max however wouldn’t. Now, I had a thought, what if it was the USB cable, thinking all along that I would have to use the USB ‘C’ to lightning cord which is supplied with the iPhone 11max pro. If it doesn’t, continue on. Cleanup iPhone SE data interface. Check its charging port for any kind of debris. Sometimes your iPhone SE may charge but not show up in iTunes if the pin that is responsible for that connection is not making contact. If you think you see dust, lint, or debris, gently use compressed air to remove any debris. After iPhone Restarts, plug it back into the computer and see if it is now appearing in iTunes. 3. Restart Computer. Just like iPhone, your computer might be suffering from stuck programs and software glitches. 1. Remove iPhone and other plugged devices from your computer (Except Keyboard and Mouse). If your phone is showing in iTunes, click the iPhone button, then on the 'Summary' tab, click Restore iPhone. Give it a little while to download the latest iOS version, and restore it to your phone. If you can't see your iPhone in iTunes, you can try putting the phone into 'Recovery Mode' and restoring it.