Dec 17, 2017

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Today’s information/digital age offers widespread use of social media. The use of social media is ubiquitous and cuts across all age groups, social classes and cultures. However, the increased use of these media is accompanied by privacy issues and ethical concerns. These privacy issues can have far-reaching professional, personal and security implications. Ultimate privacy in the social

Jun 29, 2020

Although social media sites allow users to share information with friends and other sites on the internet, many people are unaware of how their privacy is getting out. Now that the expansion of global connection through these social media networking sites are so highly present in todays society, giving us easy access to information, the lack of

From a social media privacy perspective, the study turned up some very concerning results. It turns out that the science research team didn’t even need 15 accounts to figure out a person’s profile. 73% of teens were reportedly on social media in 2015 and this number is bound to be even higher today. Social media connectivity undoubtedly offers many potential benefits from connecting with peers to accessing educational content. Equally relevant are concerns about the safety, privacy and behaviour of teens online. While behaviour, ethics Given the privacy and security risks associated with data analytics and profiling, organisations using social media for marketing purposes should assess whether a data protection impact assessment is required from a GDPR perspective or, even if it is not, whether it would be desirable to conduct one to mitigate the potential impact on