We have this problem. I am watching shows on my PS4 and suddenly it wont connect to the internet. I restored to default settings and it still will not connect. We swapped out our Modem/Router combo. The PS4 worked for a day and then we have the same problems. Now, my wifi speed is supposed to be around 300 but sometimes it is only around 120.

To my knowledge, it's supposed to auto-magically detect the HDMI. It is outputting to the HDMI from those results, but the display doesn't understand the signal - either display doesn't support it or 360 signal is altogether bogus. How would I connect my mobile hotspot to my Xbox 360? - Quora Echoing Quora User it will be just like connecting to a regular WiFi router. However, there are a few things to consider about your Xbox… 1. Depending on when it was manufactured it might have differing capabilities. For example, my 360 does not h [SOLVED] PS4 Won't Connect to WiFi Network - How to Fix Aug 16, 2018 360 won't connect to wired network? - Xbox One & Xbox 360

I found that my TV had to be set to the input the Xbox 360 was connected to for it to connect. For example if I was still watching cable and tried to sync the controller so I could watch and wait, it wouldn't work unless I switched inputs to the HDMI my Xbox is connected to.

Why won't my LG TV auto-connect to my wifi when it turns May 05, 2020

Aug 14, 2019

switched to comcast internet and now my 360 won't connect Then the router if you're also using a router, and let it connect (about 30 seconds) then start turning on your other stuff. I managed to get the login info for my router and access it, and found that it was set to WPA2 with AES and TKIP, so I changed it to WPA2 with AES and rebooted the router, followed by the 360 … Xbox One Won't Connect to WiFi? 3 Steps to Fix the Issue Aug 20, 2018 How to Connect Your Xbox 360 to the Internet - YouTube May 12, 2011