Configuring IP Tunnels Thischaptercontainsthefollowingsections: • InformationAboutIPTunnels,page1 • LicensingRequirementsforIPTunnels,page2

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An IP tunnel consists of packets carried as payload inside (other) IP packets. An analogy is putting a piece of mail inside another envelope, which is mailed in turn. This tunneling function is implemented by certain routers or gateways that keep

VDC. For example, Tunnel 0 in VDC 1 is independent of tunnel 0 in VDC 2. Your tunnel source IP address and destination IP address should be in the same VRF. You can also configure what VRF to use to look up the tunnel destination. This VRF should match the VRF of the tunnel source IP address.

Fixed it by setting Local Security Gateway Type to "Dynamic IP + email address". With this setting the remote host doesn't check the incoming IP address, only the given email address. The disadvantage of this approach is that the tunnel can be initiated only from one end. Although this might work, it is a workround for the problem I have described.

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